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Frequently asked questions



Only 10 minutes a day? That seems way too short to do anything useful.


Actually, quite the opposite is true. Our tasks are highly refined and give you the essential framework to build new habits and create lasting change in your life.


Does Tenaday just give me more boring tasks? I've got enough to do already.


With Tenaday, you will approach building habits differently. You're not doing boring chores, but are going on an exciting journey of self improvement. 


What if I'm too busy to spend 10 minutes a day on Tenaday?


Building the right habits will have a bigger impact than anything else you could be doing in those 10 minutes. Additionally, the tasks are highly effective and easy to do. We won't waste your time.


What if I don't like Tenaday? 


That seems highly unlikely, but you can cancel at any time by simply unsubscribing to the email.